Travel Info - Live Traffic Cameras

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These links to the live traffic cameras are offsite feeds. If they are not streaming at the time, the feed may be temporarily undergoing maintenance.

I-80 at Dutch Flat (Just east of Alta, West of Baxter, in Zone 1)
I-80 at Floriston (Eastern edge of Zone 8)
I-80 at Kingvale (Eastern edge of Zone 4, between Cisco & Soda Springs)
I-80 at Truckee (Truckee, eastern Edge of Zone 7)
I-80 at Truckee Scales (Truckee, eastern Edge of Zone 7)
I-80 at Whitmore Grade (Just west of Emigrant Gap, west of Zone 2)
HWY 267 at I-80 (Truckee, Zone 7, where 267 meets 80)

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